C – Introduction to Loops

Loop: A Block of instructions execute repeatedly as long the condition is valid.

Note: Block executes only once whereas Loop executes until condition become False

Java Supports 3 types of Loops:

  1. For Loop
  2. While Loop
  3. Do-While Loop

For Loop: We use for loop only when we know the number of repetitions. For example,

  • Print 1 to 10 numbers
  • Print Array elements
  • Print Multiplication table
  • Print String character by character in reverse order

While loop: We use while loop when we don’t know the number of repetitions.

  • Display contents of File
  • Display records of Database table

Do while Loop: Execute a block at least once and repeat based on the condition. ATM transaction: When we swipe the ATM card, it starts the first transaction. Once the first transaction has been completed, it asks the customer to continue with another transaction and quit.

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