C – Introduction


  • C is a Programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972.
  • It is mainly used in development of Operating Systems, Embedded software, Device drivers, application software etc.

Programming language:

  • Programming languages are used to develop applications.
  • Computer applications Store data and perform operations on data.
For example: Banking application store Accounts data and perform transactions like withdraw, deposit etc.

Applications: are mainly two types

  • Standalone application:
    • Application runs from single machine.
    • Data connection (internet) is not required to run.
    • Standalone applications are
      • System software: Controls Hardware components and other software components. For example, Operating System.
      • Application software: is used to perform specific user task. For example, MS-Office, VLC Player, Browser etc.

Note: C is Platform Dependent by which we can develop only Standalone applications

Platform Dependency:

  • Platform means “Operating System”
  • C and C++ Compilers convert the source program into specific Operating system understandable code. Hence the compiled code is compatible to same Operating system on which it has compiled.
  • Web application:
    • Application runs from multiple machines connected in a network.
    • Web application installed in server.
    • Data connection is required to run the application.
    • Examples: gmail.com, icici.com, irctc.in etc.

C - Language   Fee -2000  Duration    45days

Note: We use technologies to develop Web applications which are platform independent


  • C is a standalone software.
  • We have different types of C-software to develop and run C Programs. For example, Turbo-C, C-Free, Code Blocks etc.
  • Download and install any C IDE to write and run programs easily.
Download the latest version of C-Free from: https://c-free.soft32.com/
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