C – Pointers in C


  • Pointers is a derived data type in C.
  • Pointer type variables store addresses of memory locations.

Pointers classified into:

  • Typed: These pointers can point to specific type data
    • int* –> points to integer data
    • float* –> points to float data
    • struct Emp* –> points to Emp data
  • Un-typed: Can points to any type of data. It is also called Generic pointer.
    • void* –> can points to any data.

Operators using with Pointers: Every operation in data processing using pointers is possible through 2 operators.

  1. Address Operator (&): It returns the memory address of specified variable.
  2. Pointer operator (*): It returns the value in the specified address.

Following program explains the memory representation of pointer variables:

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