DS – Binary Search Tree

Binary Search Tree


  • BST is a non-linear data structure.
  • One data element is connected to multiple elements in this structure.
  • We represent the data in nodes.
  • Every node has 3 fields
    • Data filed
    • Left child
    • Right child
  • In BST, every node has at most 2 children.

The tree with N nodes having N+1 null nodes.

Tree memory representation with NULL nodes:

The following example shows how the elements will be inserted into BST:

Node structure: We represent the node using user data type called structure.

struct Node
            int data;
            struct Node *left;
            struct Node *right;     
struct Node *root=NULL;

Operations on BST:

  1. Inserting node in BST
  2. Delete node from BST
  3. Traverse BST

Note the followings:

  • We can store duplicate values into BST but it is not recommended.
  • Nodes are working like keys to store the information.
  • Keys always unique in the process of storing information.

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