DS – Hash Search Algorithm – Load Factor

Load Factor & Rehashing:

  • We need to modify the size of hash table by using load factor and rehashing technique when we need to store more elements from each location of hash table.


  • It is taking time to search for an element when the elements in linear fashion.
  • In some of the situations even hash table also stores elements in linear form when the keys are always from same index.
  • The concept of rehashing is allowing number of elements which are connected from same index is restricted.
  • Once the load has reached, we increase the size of hash table and re-arrange the elements according the new size of hash table.

Load Factor:

  • How many element need to store from the each location of Hash table.
  • Load Factor value must be less than 1
  • According to rehashing algorithm, the standard value of load factor is 0.75

According to load factor, we can store maximum of 4 elements from each index, when the hash table size is 6.

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