DS – Linked Lists Introduction

How LinkedList different from Array?


  • Array is linear. Array elements get consecutive locations.
  • We access array elements easily using index.

Insertions and Deletions taking time – Shifting of elements after insertion and Deletion takes much time.


  • Linked List stores information in the form of nodes.
  • Nodes get memory in random locations and connected using links(pointers)
  • Insertions and Deletions are faster compared to Array (Array List)
  • Inserting and deleting nodes depends on connections.

Array is recommended – if one time store – multiple time accessing data.

LinkedList is recommended – if Multiple times modifying the data.

We have Different types of Linked Lists:

  1. Singly linked list
  2. Doubly linked list
  3. Circular linked list

Singly Linked List:

  • Every Node has 2 Fields
    • Data field
    • Link field
  • Link Filed is pointer type which store the address of another node
  • Data means int, float, structure…….
  • Last node link is NULL – No other record to connect.

How to create the node in linked list?

  • Node is a memory block with set of fields
  • Node fields can be of any type.
  • We use structure data type to define the Node.

List representation:

To store Emp data into Linked List node, then Node as follows:

Doubly linked List:

  • Every node in double linked list has 3 fields.
    • Data filed
    • Link to previous node
    • Link to next node
  • First Node left link and Last Node right link are NULLs

Node representation with structure:

Circular Single Linked List:

  • Every node as data filed and link filed in Singly circular linked list
  • Last node link is connected to first node.

Node representation:

            struct Node
                        int data;
                        struct Node* link;

Circular Double Linked List:

  • Every node as data filed and 2 link fields
  • Last node right link is connected to first node.
  • First node left link is connected to the last node.

Node representation:

            struct Node
                        int data;
                        struct Node *left, *right;
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