HTML – Introduction

HTML introduction:

  • HTML – Hyper Text Mark Up Language
  • HTML language providing elements to create web pages
  • HTML Elements are HTML, Head, Body, Img, Button, Input etc.

Note: Every HTML element is a program

Steps to write First HTML Code:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Write HTML code
  3. Save the file with .html extension
  4. File will be shown with browser icon in the saved location.
  5. Run the file by Double click on that ICON.

What are HTML IDEs?

  • IDE – Integrated Development Environment
  • A software by which we develop and run HTML code easily
  • Examples:
    • Edit Plus
    • Visual Studio
    • Sublime text
    • Notepad++

Advantage of IDE:  Code intelligence – Giving ideas to programmer to develop the code more easily. For example, if we write start tag – IDE will write end tag automatically.

Case-sensitivity: Html is purely case insensitive; we can use lowercase, uppercase or mixed-case while we are writing HTML tags.

Errorless Language:

  • Though HTML document contains errors, it runs and gives output.
  • The only way to understand the errors with unexpected results.
  • It is complex to identity the errors in HTML document.

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