Introduction to Web Technologies

Web technologies:

  • Every Web developer or Full-Stack developer must know about HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Web technologies are used to develop
    • Complete static website
    • User Interface of Web application

Static HTML Page:

  • Static web page has fixed content to all users(customers).

Static Website:

  • Static websites contain all static pages only.
  • We create static websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript only.
  • We cannot use any server-side programming to create static website
  • Examples: tutorial websites like

Dynamic HTML Page:

  • Dynamic web page content different from customer to customer.
  • Server-side programming generates dynamic web page.

Web application:

  • An application deployed in server and run from multiple clients in network.
  • Web application generates dynamic HTML pages
  • For example: In Gmail application Login page is Static. When different user’s login with their details, inbox page appears for differently for users.

Define Client?

  • A user system connected to network.
  • Client system must install with Web browser to browse web pages.

Define Web browser?

  • Web browser is a software by which we can access any web page or web application in World Wide Web.
  • Examples, Google Chrome, Mozilla etc.

URL(Uniform resource location): A unique reference of Web application or Web page

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