Java – Introduction to Collection Framework


  • Programming languages and Technologies are used to develop applications.
  • Applications are used in communication.
  • Applications store and process information.
Banking Application –
Store customer’s information and transactions information.            
Customers use Banking application to communicate with Banking Employee.

How to store information in application?

  • We use variables of different data types to store information.
    • Primitive type: Store only one value at a time.
    • Array: Store more than one value but of same type
    • Object: Store more than one value of different types
    • Collection: Store multiple objects.

What are Data Structures? Use?

  • Data structures are used to organize the data.
  • We can perform operations quickly and easily on organized data.
  • Data structures either Linear or Non-Linear.

Linear Data Structures: arrange the data sequentially in which elements are connected to its previous and next adjacent.

Non-Linear Data Structures: in which one element connected to multiple elements and the elements arranged in two-dimensional or multi-dimensional format.

Define Collection?

  • Collection is a group of objects.
  • Examples, List, Set, Queue, Map etc.

What is Collection framework?

  • Collection Framework is a collection of interfaces and implemented classes.
  • Collection Framework provides implementations of Data structures & Algorithms by which we can store and process information without implementing them.

What is the need of storing group of objects?

  • To store the record type information which is fetching from Database.
  • To perform Different types of operations on group of objects like insertion, Deletion, Updating, searching, sorting etc…
  • Can set multiple objects to method as a parameter.
  • Method can return multiple objects at a time after processing.

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