Java – JDK8 Features

Features are:

  • Static Methods in Interface (JDK7)
  • Default Methods in interface
  • Functional Interface
  • Lambda expression
  • Method references
  • forEach() method
  • Stream API
  • Parallel Streams
  • Predicates

Purpose of JDK-8:

  • Using java technology, application development became easy.
  • Billions of applications developed under java. Day by day the data increasing rapidly with the use of these applications and data processing become complex.
  • JDK8 features are the solution to implement data processing techniques easily.
  • Data processing important – for quick results

In Java, how we store information?

  • Java stores information in the form of objects.
  • We store group of Objects in Collections.
  • Java 8 features mainly used to process the information of Collections.
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