JSP – Introduction

Servlets run faster than JSP.JSP runs slower than servlet as it takes time to compile the program and convert into servlets.
It is hard to write code in servlet.It’s easier to code in JSP compared to servlets.
In MVC architecture, servlet works as a controller.In MVC architecture, JSP works as a view for displaying output.
There is no custom tag writing facility in servlets.You can easily build custom tags that can directly call Java beans.
Servlet is a java code.JSP is a HTML-based code.
In Servlet, you have to implement both business logic and presentation logic in the single file.In JSP, business logic is split from presentation logic using JavaBeans.

Let us start the JSP programming with a simple program to show “Hello World” on a jsp page.


                        <h1>Hello World.</h1>


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